Spa and Massage Marketing Tips for Holiday Gifting


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By Caryn Anderson

November 18, 2016 09:00


Spa and Massage Marketing Tips for Holiday Gifting

Spa and Massage Marketing Tips for Holiday GiftingA spa treatment or massage is a great gift for anyone who’s exhausted by the hustle and bustle of the holidays. But how do you get your clientele—and, even better, new customers—to realize that? People are always searching for convenient, creative gift-giving ideas. With the right spa or massage marketing plan, you can show shoppers how your products and services can meet their holiday gifting needs. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Create Exclusive Holiday Gifting Bundles

Chances are you already offer money-saving packages that bundle several services together at a special price, but the holiday season is the perfect time to sweeten your deals. For example, offer a 90-minute massage and a mani/pedi combo for just the cost of the massage, or try a 60-minute massage with complimentary paraffin wax treatment. Alternatively, if you sell mostly gift cards, consider offering a half-price 60-minute massage certificate for every two 60-minute certificates your clients purchase. To promote a sense of urgency and exclusivity, ensure your customers know that these packages are only available at this time of year or that you only have a limited number of offers available on a first-come first-serve basis.

Schedule a VIP Holiday Event

Upserve recommends rewarding your loyal clientele with a VIP event or a secret sale featuring exclusive packages, savings, or free services. Not only will it make your loyal customers feel special, it also encourages them to spread the word about your business by inviting friends to the event. Offer free mini-services to expose clients to new treatments they haven’t yet tried. Set up a video camera near a festive holiday display for your customers to record testimonials that you can later add to your website.

Emphasize the Convenience of Gift Cards

Promote your gift cards as an easy, grab-and-go solution for holiday gifting. Your clients are busy, especially now, so make sure to beautifully package your gift cards so they’re ready to go. DB Squared recommends enclosing gift cards in a gift basket or alongside specialty items, such as jewelry or personalized giftware. A paper gift certificate for a facial seems a lot more special when it’s tucked inside a monogrammed makeup bag filled with sample-size skincare and cosmetic goodies.


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Promote, Promote, Promote

Here’s an important massage marketing tip for all seasons: make sure your specials are the first thing visitors see on your website, in your office, on social—basically, everywhere! Frequently post about them on social media, and display eye-catching signs and flyers in your reception area where they’re sure to garner a lot of attention from your existing clients. Make sure all therapists and technicians keep up to date with all of your latest offerings so they can make personalized recommendations to their clients.


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6 Social Media Best Practices to Grow Your Spa


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Social Media Best Practices to Grow Spa: Women in towelsToday’s post comes to us from Becky Kelleher, a Sales Trainer in Groupon’s health, beauty and wellness category.

To be a successful business owner in 2017, the necessity of social media is hardly a secret. With over 2.8 billion active social media users, this endless customer pool is something merchant’s are actively attempting to cannonball into but the resulting splash can be underwhelming.

The combination of a business owner’s limited time and resources, with the ever changing nature of social media – creates a recipe that makes achieving success, revenue or growth challenging. As social media is one of the best outlets to promote your brand, connect instantaneously with your customers and establish yourself on a mobile platform; it is imperative that merchants understand where and when to spend their time and money.

This article will guide you through optimizing your social media, ultimately transforming likes and shares into revenue streams for you and your business.

1. The Seven Major Players

The first fundamental of social media is distinguishing amongst the channels. Social media is divided into many platforms, all of which attract a different user and serve a different purpose. When it comes to generating revenue from social media – there are seven avenues you should be considering.

  • Facebook: With over 1.59 billion monthly active users, Facebook remains the top social media network. The site connects users with family, friends, acquaintances and businesses from all across the world; allowing them to post, share and engage with one another in a variety of ways.
  • Twitter: Real-time social network that allows users to share 140-character posts with their followers.
  • LinkedIn: Used mainly for professional networking, LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking site with over 380 million users.
  • YouTube: Video sharing network that allows users to watch videos posted by others, or upload their own.
  • Instagram: A photo sharing application with over 300 million users.
  • Pinterest: Photo sharing social network that provides users with a platform for uploading, saving, and categorizing “pins” through collections called “boards.”
  • Snapchat: Social app that allows users to send and receive time sensitive pictures and videos.

Even when you distill the platform options down to seven, the next natural thought for a business owner would be, “Okay, but where do I go from here?” Simple. You go where your customers are.

2. Following Your Audience

As acknowledged, every social channel does not have a uniform audience (or purpose). Each has curated its own subset of demographics and facilitates the accomplishment of some goals better than others. The “cannonball” approach mentioned at the beginning of this article directly illustrates business owner’s desire to establish themselves on someavenue of social media, without considering which area makes the most sense for their business and their ideal customer.

For example, while Facebook is social media’s Head Honcho, a spa owner should be turning to Instagram and Pinterest to get in front of spa-goers.

Percentage of users of each social media platform who are spa-goers provided by

Percentage of users of each social media platform who are spa-goers (diagram provided by

Deciding your target demographic and researching where they spend their time on social media will give you the springboard necessary to begin determining which platform(s) to invest both your time and money. The example below from shows the profile for Instagram (for additional insight on where your target audience is on social media, visit

Audience usage characteristics for Instagram provided by

3. Setting a Goal

At this point in the conversation you understand the relevant players in social media and have researched which platform fits your business and customer. All done, right? Wrong.

When setting out to establish your business on a platform, successful social media is not the goal. Success comes when social media accomplishes your business goal – a vehicle for success, rather than the indicator of success. Determining distinctly what goal social media will assist you in accomplishing will ensure consistency behind all actions taken on the platform; reflecting your brand, messaging and values.

While goals can range from lead generation, customer acquisition and individual sales to brand awareness, audience building and talent acquisition – the ultimate judge of which goal is applicable to your business is you. Mapping out the impact you are striving for social media to have on your business is going to allow you the opportunity to then measure progression toward that goal.

There are dozens of tools available to assist business owners in measuring return on investment (ROI). For example, provides a free 5-step guide to measuring the effects social media is having on your business – ranging from goal-setting to the financials involved with indicating social media’s value to your business.

4. The “Why” Behind Your Posts

Let’s face it, the reason we are having this conversation is to reap the benefits that social media can bring. Social media provides the distinct capability to communicate directly with your client base(s), build tangible relationships and humanize your brand. It is often assumed that if a business is on social media, posting, sharing, liking and commenting on everything they can get their hands on – they will see those benefits.

This is often where a business owner does a 180. Understanding the strategy behind what you post and share and how it ties back to your overall goal for social media is when you will finally experience those buzzworthy benefits. The first step is to try and understand your target demographic’s motivation for following you on “x” social media. From there it will be much more seamless to curate content for which they will be receptive.

For example, ISPA conducted a 2014 study that exposed what male and female spa-goers are doing on social media to do. The study indicated that over half of them use social media to research a spa prior to visiting. For a spa owner looking to reach new customers through social media, posting high quality pictures of the space and showcasing excellent reviews can drive a real impact – knowing that these channels are a new customer’s first stop before walking through their doors.

Spa-goers using social media to connect provided by

5. Maintenance

Take a walk down memory lane for a minute and remember when you first began your business – the time, planning and preparation that went into making it what it is today. But, the work did not stop once you opened your doors as you continue to put time and effort into your business every day.

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5 Strategies to Boost Salon or Spa Profitability


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5 Strategies to Boost Salon or Spa Profitability

Spa Salon Profitability: Hair SalonWhether you’re a new business in the beauty market or an established salon or spa looking to increase your bottom line, taking a multi-layered approach is typically the most effective when it comes to boosting profitability. Start by attracting new clients, and then keep them coming back by providing great services and rewarding loyalty. These five strategies will help you manage slow times, grow your business, and increase profit.

1. Bring More Clients in the Door

Increase profitability by increasing the number of clients you serve. Marketing for spas and salons can effectively grow your business but only if you become proactive about building your client base. Salon Savy recommends doing this by developing a client referral program, partnering with other businesses that share the same market, and investing in local advertising that highlights your most popular services.

2. Boost New Client Retention

On average, most spas and salons retain 30 percent of new clients, according to Strategies. If you’re interested in boosting profitability, then client retention is a fantastic place to start. Here are a few strategies for doing so according to Salon Today:

  • Reward staff: Provide incentives for improving retention by giving stylists a raise for cultivating a consistent clientele. Or, throw a huge party at the end of the year if staff meets your goal.
  • Prebook: If clients book their next appointments before they leave, then there’s a great chance they’ll return.
  • Sell products: When new customers buy retail from you, they often return to restock depleted supplies.
  • Stay consistent: Your customers come to you for an experience. Make sure your employees are delivering a great experience every time.

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3. Sell Gift Cards

It’s not all about marketing for spas and salons. It’s also about giving people options. Gift card sales hit an estimated $140 billion in 2016, according to B Plans. Are you wondering how this benefits your business? By giving your existing customers the change to buy gift cards for their loved ones, you boost sales, bring in new customers, and get paid right away even if the recipients redeem the gift card months later. Display them in a prominent spot, and make sure customers know that you offer them.

4. Reward Loyal Customers

Think of it like a frequent flyer program for your spa or salon. Loyalty programs give new customers extra incentive to return, which will increase the profit of your business. Design the program so that it works for you. Ideas include a discount for new customers on their second visit, a BOGO offer for first-timers, or a punch card redeemable for a free service.

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How to Use Messenger Bots With Facebook Ads


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Want to Boost Groupon Sales? Support Your Campaign With Social Media

Groupon is one of the largest leaders in local commerce. The service allows consumers to search and discover discounted deals at low prices. Launched in November 2008, Groupon has quickly branched out of its headquarters in Chicago to serve more than 35 million registered users worldwide.

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 10.46.39 AM

If you’re unfamiliar with the service, here’s how the it works: According to Groupon, organizations can create deals at low prices, allowing shoppers to discover the best a city has to offer, find electronics, fashions, home furnishings, and scout out discounted vacation packages

Let’s say you own an Italian restaurant. Typically, your dishes run anywhere from $15-20, but you decide to offer deals using the Groupon business model. For example, a customer could spend $25 and get $50 worth of food. Or, they could spend a certain amount and receive a gift card for their next visit. This gives your patrons a discounted rate through a medium, Groupon, that streamlines the coupon process.

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 10.47.28 AM

While the commerce giant helps its customers to find awesome deals, can it be the catalyst you need to boost sales, especially if you use social media? Let’s look at some real examples of how you can make it happen.

Blast your message

When you begin promoting your Groupon deal on your social media channels, it’s important to blast your message. For instance, persuasive, yet pressing language can convince your customers to jump on the deal.

A good example of this is Gap. In 2010, Gap teamed with Groupon to offer an amazing deal: $50 worth of apparel and accessories for $25. By the end of the day, 441,000 Groupons were sold, totaling more than $11 million.

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 10.48.43 AM

One way Gap and Groupon promoted the deal was through Twitter. In partnership with @earlybird (this account has since been suspended), Gap’s deal was blasted to tons of users. It said the following: “We have a killer earlybird #BackToSchool deal from @Groupon: for $25 you get $50 of apparel from Gap. Sweet.”

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 10.49.23 AM

While you may not be able to partner with these sorts of accounts, you can still blast your Groupon to your followers effectively if you have the correct language. This not only promotes the deal, it also creates a sense of urgency around it.

Let your customers be your brand ambassadors

As with any social media marketing campaign, your customers can be your greatest brand ambassadors. This helps you to promote your deal by utilizing those who know you the best.

A great example of this is Jolkona. The charitable organization partnered with the Seattle International Foundation (SIF) to create a pretty unique Groupon: For every $500 collected, Jolkona would fund one week of training for a woman leader to come to Seattle and participate in a 10-week fellowship program, run by iLEAP: The Center for Critical Service.


This not only became a coordinated effort between Jolkana, SIF, and iLEAP, many Jolkona volunteers and advocates in the community helped spread the word on channels like Facebook. In the end, this effort worked: Through Groupon, about $5,220 was raised.

Don’t forget a call-to-action

It may sound obvious, but don’t forget to link your actual deal. That is, create a call-to-action. Customers shouldn’t have to scour the Internet for a discounted rate to your product or service. They should be able to locate the deal quickly and easily.

A good example of this is Holstein Housewares. Recently, the company posted a deal on Facebook with the following message: “Guess what?! Today you can get a #GROUPON for the Holstein Cupcake Maker (w/batter bottle, spatula AND cupcake carrier)!

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 10.51.06 AM

Get this awesome deal here —->

As you can see, Holstein Housewares’ call-to-action is quite obvious and easy to locate.


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How to Use Social Media to Promote a Groupon Deal

How to Use Social Media to Promote a Groupon Deal

How to Use Social Media to Promote My Groupon Deal

Whether you use it personally or not, there’s no denying that social media is a big factor in advertising your business today. If you’re about to launch a Groupon promotion you may be wondering how you can use social media to create more buzz for your Groupon deal. Facebook and Twitter are the most obvious social networks for you to use, but if your business is already on Instagram, Pinterest, and Foursquare, you may consider using those networks as well.

Below find top tips for how to use social media to promote a Groupon deal.

Prepare for Your Promotion

Before launching your Groupon promotion, make sure your social media accounts are in top shape. Many Groupon customers will research your business on social media sites before deciding whether to purchase the Groupon.

The more fans and followers you attract before you launch your deal, the more people you will have to help you promote your Groupon deal. Our social media articles will give you ideas for how to attract fans and followers.

Create Excitement

In the week or so before your Groupon deal launches, begin to post fun but nonspecific items about “something big” and “getting ready.” Encourage your employees and friends to share these social media announcements. Before your Groupon deal launches, pre-schedule some Tweets and Facebook posts about the deal.

Post Launch

After your Groupon launches, continue to encourage your friends and employees to help spread the word about your Groupon on social media. While your Groupon is live, make sure to monitor social media for questions and comments about your business. Remember that people may be trying to decide whether to buy the Groupon based on social media. When you begin receiving reviews of your business, make sure to post them some place public (such as your website or Facebook Page) and use social media to direct people’s attention to your great reviews.

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7 Simple Ways Your Local Business Can Increase Sales with Facebook

Scott Ayres by Scott Ayres

Let’s get Real

This is why I try to base my advice on my experience running real-world, brick-&-mortar small biz pages on Facebook.

I’m talking about small business pages that are geared toward local customers.

Running a page for a local business is much different than running a Facebook page that teaches you how to market.

They have different challenges — which require different tactics & techniques.

So let’s talk about 7 ways you can use Facebook for local business to increase sales.

7 Simple Ways Your Local Business Can Increase Sales with Facebook

1. Engagement First

Your #1 goal when posting to your page should be catching the attention of your followers & getting them to engage with your posts.

If you fail at this you’ll probably fail at running your page.

Sure you want to market your products — and yes, you want people to click thru to your website.

But this requires:

  • finesse
  • know-how
  • and yes, a little bit of luck

A local gastropub I’ve been following is great at this — and recently received a strong response to this post:

Increase sales with Facebook - engagement first

The page only has about 700 Likes — and yet, nearly 80 people Liked this post!

I think any of us would take a 10% engagement rate any day!

Remember — people don’t want to just be sold to all the time. They will let you sell to them it sometimes, but only after you build some rapport.

Start by posting interesting content, including:

Build trust with your followers & get them talking on your posts. Then, once you’ve built this relationship, mix in link posts to your products or website.

My boss, Josh Parkinson, likes to call this techinique “chumming the waters“.

Remember — with the way Facebook’s page algorithm works, your fans only see posts from pages they engage with.

For example, on Post Planner, we make sure that only 50% of our posts are links back to our blog. The other posts are created purely to get engagement from fans — so we can make sure ALL our posts continue to show up in the news feeds of our fans.

If all you post is salesy content, eventually engagement will die off — and you’ll just be talking to yourself.

2. Show Off Your Products

I’m focusing here on local, small businesses — those that have tangible products.

The power of suggestion is very strong on Facebook — especially with images that ignite the senses & passions of people.

Here’s an example of a local automobile shop showing off their product:

Increase sales with Facebook - show off your products

With about 1,500 fans on this page, this post got more than 100 Likes — not too shabby!

The post did well for Aloha because:

  • it appeals to the fans/demographic of a small Texas town
  • they list the details of the product — which will excite truck guys
  • they use a great looking photo

Another local joint called Captain Billy Whizzbangs had similar success showcasing their juicy burgers:

Increase sales with Facebook - showcase products on facebook

I’ve eaten this burger — and even though I’m vegetarian now, my mouth waters when looking at this photo!

Appeal to your fans senses by showing off your products with high-quality photos.

   12 Secret Facebook Features Every Marketer Should Be Using       

3. Get More Likes

To get engagement on your posts, you have to have fans!


So get more Likes!

Many small business owners get their first burst of Likes by inviting friends & family to Like the page — either by:

  • posting about it on their profile
  • inviting friends via their page

This is great, as long as your family & friends are potential customers who will engage with your posts.

There is no need to have people Like the page who will never engage — and in fact, having too many non-engaged fans will hurt your page in the long run.

I have pages that I will never recommend to my friends — because they aren’t the target demographic of the page.

As a small, local business, the best way to get Likes is to use the Promoted Page Likes feature on your page.

(Again I’m talking to small, local businesses here not global companies or digital product type pages.)

I’ve successfully used this feature on local pages & seen great results — both an increase in Likes & sales related to those Likes.

You’ll find this feature just above your cover photo on the left hand side.

promoted page likes


Since we’re talking about local businesses, I suggest targeting an audience within 20 to 30 miles of your store. There’s no need to target everyone in your state — as all of them are not your typical customers.

I usually drill down to my town and (sometimes) a nearby town.

Something to keep in mind here is the default setting on this ad type is to run continuously — so if you set a budget of $10 per day it will run until you tell it to stop!

I’d advise letting it run for 4 to 5 days at a time — so you can judge whether it’s working or not, and kill it if it’s not.

4. Run a Contest

I’m a HUGE fan of contests on Facebook pages — especially for local businesses.

People dig winning stuff & dig it more when they can redeem it locally & immediately.

As you may know, Facebook lightened the rules of contests on pages some time ago so now you don’t need to run a contest on an app — which can be challenging & time-consuming for small businesses.

Instead you can simply post a text update with a contest & you’re all set!

Or post one with a photo.

Whizzbangs gives us another great example of this with a post made at the same time I’m writing this!

facebook timeline contest


This is a great Timeline contest because it appeals to their fans’ senses. And within minutes it had 50+ likes!

Also notice that instead of just saying “Get a free lunch”, they’re giving away “$30 in Free Food”. This puts a value on the prize — and also will encourage customers to spend more when they come in, since they’ll likely bring a friend or two with them.

And even if you don’t win the contest, your mind still just triggered your taste buds — and now you want a burger!

Where will you go to get that burger? Probably Whizzbangs if you’re in the Waco, Texas area!

At least that’s what they hope you do!


For further information on the rule changes try these resources:


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